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Disease and illness touches lives in different ways.  In 2013 my life was directly affected when my life long friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  As many already know, when a loved one is touched by cancer or any illness, you find yourself spinning and I was no different. 

Feeling helpless, I wanted to do something so I organized a fundraiser to help my friend with medical expenses. Through the fundraising process many people openly shared their stories, which was very eye opening. 

Our Story

Prior to my friend's illness, I had no understanding of the economic impact and emotional stress a serious illness plays in the lives of a patient, their family and friends.  Needless to say; this experience has altered my perspective on life.    

Kimmunity Angels Society was founded in response to the need

for support for seriously ill individuals within our community.  

Plus, my desire to give back to the community that generously

opened its arms, in our time of need. 

Donna Slavik 
Founder and President

Kimmunity Angels Society